New York Cows

Production and Genetic Leaders

New York Jersey breeders and their cows are often recognized nationally for production achievements, genetic merit and accomplishments in the show ring.

Five New York herds rank among the top 10 in the country for production on an actual or mature equivalent (m.e.) basis.

  • True Farms, Perry - 2nd milk and fat, 6th protein (2019 actual average: 22,621 lbs. milk, 1,218 lbs. fat and 791 lbs. protein on 12 cows); also ranks for milk and fat on m.e. basis
  • Merle Lawton, Newark Valley - 5th milk, 3rd protein (2019 actual average: 21,576 lbs. milk, 1,026 lbs. fat and 804 lbs. protein on 62 cows); also ranks for protein on m.e. basis
  • Den-Kel Jerseys LLC, Byron - 7th milk and fat (2019 actual average: 21,278 lbs. ilk, 1,142 lbs. fat and 789 lbs. protein on 69 cows); also ranks for milk and protein on m.e. basis
  • Benjamin P. Colopy, Perry - 8th for milk, 9th for protein (2019 actual average: 21,135 lbs. milk, 1,045 lbs. fat and 772 lbs. protein on 22 cows)
  • Kylie Margaret Lehr, Canastota - 9th for milk (2019 actual average: 20,802 lbs. milk, 1,056 lbs. fat and 738 lbs. protein on 14 cows)

The top herds in the state for genetic merit belong to Dana Chamberlain of Wyoming (herd average JPI +23 on 52 cows), Den-Kel Jerseys (herd average JPI +23 on 57 cows) and Cheryl A. Carlson, Tully (herd average JPI +23 on 36 cows).

Carlson also has the distinction of consigning the historical high seller of the National Heifer Sale, Wetumpka Viceroy Java-P, who was struck off at the 2019 event for $103,000. She was purchased by Matthew Steiner of Marshallville, OH.

A member of the milking string at Den-Kel Jerseys produced a record that ranks among the breed's best for 2019. The six-year-old, JX Den-Kel Medalist Jinger {4}-ET, produced 36,130 lbs. milk, 2,122 lbs. fat and 1,232 lbs. protein. On a cheese yield basis, production is 4,257 lbs. The record ranks first for milk, third for protein and cheese and seventh for fat among 305-day records produced by Registered Jerseys in 2019.


JX Den-Kel Medalist Jinger {4}-ET
Very Good-85%
6-9 305 36,130 5.9% 2,122 3.4% 1,232 4,257CY
Ranked nationally for 305-day records produced by Registered Jerseys in 2019
(1st milk, 3rd protein and cheese yield, 7th fat)
Kip A. Keller, Den-Kel Jerseys LLC, Byron


Dutch Hollow Rebel Diva
Lifetime: 282,449M, 15,838F, 10,626P (4,414 days)
2019 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest
1st protein and fat, 5th milk
Winner High Lawn Trophy and Edyvean Farm Trophy
Dutch Hollow Farm, Schodack Landing


Lawtons Rescue Finess
Lifetime: 296,981M, 11,693F, 9,523P (3,720 days)
2019 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest
1st milk, 8th protein
Winner Ogston Trophy
Lawton Jersey Farm, Newark Valley

In the 2019 AJCA Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest, two New York cows swept all divisions of the competition. Dutch Hollow Rebel Diva, owned by Dutch Hollow Farm, Schodack Landing, earned the High Lawn Trophy for fat production and the Edyvean Farm Trophy for protein production.

Lawtons Rescue Finess, owned by Timothy Lawton, son of Merle Lawton, received the Ogston Farm Trophy for milk production. Tim's son, Ryan, won the 2017 National Youth Production Contest with Lawtons Plus Vanna {6}.

Show Ring Winners

New York Jerseys have also done well in the show ring. Some of the highlights from recent show seasons are shown below.


Top-Quality Freaky Big Mudder
Reserve Junior Champion, 2019 All American Jersey Show
Junior Champion, 2019 All American Junior Jersey Show
Robert Nagel, Panama


Faigle Farm Tequila Tic
2019 All American Five-Year-Old Cow
2019 Reserve Junior All American Five-Year-Old Cow
Blake Crothers, Emerson Hickey and McKenna Vest, Pitcher


Tierneys Andreas Lorina
2019 Junior All American Junior Yearling Heifer
Patrick Bosley, Malone


Joeleebeth Impression Sydney-ET
2019 Reserve Junior All American Senior Two-Year-Old Cow
Kennedy Crothers, Pitcher


La-Foster Hilton Abbey-ET
2019 Reserve Junior All American Summer Yearling Heifer
Ryan Lawton, Newark Valley


SSF Boeheim Pace
3rd Five-Year-Old, 2019 All American Jersey Show
Charles Luchsinger, Syracuse


Schulte Bros Teq Glory
1st Summer Yearling, 2019 International Jersey Show
Eaton Holsteins and Noah Bilz and Diane Borba, Marietta


Tierneys Andreas Lorina
2018 Reserve Junior All American Junior Calf
Kathryn Bosley, Malone


Jasmari Verb Lil Verona-ET
Reserve Intermediate Champion
2017 International Jersey Show
Michael Heath and Cross Brook Jerseys, Middleburgh


Woodmohr Genty Gin-ET
Reserve Junior Champion
2017 International Jersey Show
Robert D. Nagel, Panama


Cowbell Hired Gun Rio
8th National Jersey Jug Futurity, 2018
Chase R. Rosler, Cowbell Acres, Canton


Edan Oliver Foxtrot-PP
9th National Jersey Jug Futurity, 2018
Corrina A. Aldrich, Salem